Winnie's Fund [unofficial] for the Love of Animals, even Cats


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Long-time Woot & meh poster @Ceagee left good feelings every time she posted. I don’t really remember what she said so much as how she made me feel. Please consider donating in her memory for the love of animals.

Link to Winnies Fund

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Volunteers For Animals was recently awarded a grant from ASPCA for $2500. We applied for the grant to further the success of Winnie’s Fund. To date, we have helped 10 animals using private donations to Winnie’s Fund. The medical care includes 4 dentals, 3 eye surgeries, 1 fractured limb, 1 amputation and care needed for a puppy after severe neglect. We are pleased to say that most of these animals has been adopted into loving homes. Two of them are still in foster care recovering. We greatly appreciate receiving this grant from ASPCA.