300-Pack: Love Corn Sea Salt Snacks

  • 300 packs of these corn snacks
  • Tasty, healthy, premium corn treats
  • Model: 3-D4MN-HUNDR3D
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Three. Hundred.

Today’s deal is 300.

^^ This up here is all the pitch you’re getting, because this is all you should need.

For less than thirty bucks, 300 of anything is a good deal.

Your sense of dealsmanship alone should have already landed you on the BUY IT button, if nothing else than to beat everybody else to the punch before these things sell out.

After all, we’re selling packs of corn kernel nuggets 300 at a time. Each of those little packets contains, you know…some amount of them. And some amount times 300 is a crapload of almost anything.

Remember that movie, 300, with all the abs? Each of those guys had like six or eight abs. Do the math. It was a crapload of abs.

Well, corn snacks are more plentiful than abs. Let’s say there’s like 20 corn snack nuggets in a pouch. That means that every time some meh.com shopper hits the BUY IT button, the global supply of corn snack nuggets dips by at least 6,000, just like that.

It only takes a second to buy stuff from us. (Just ask anyone reconsidering their life choices after an Instant Regret Kit lands on their doorstep.)

So at that rate, how can this possibly be sustainable? Is there really a factory shoving these things out the door and into the gaping maw of our collective societal gullet at a rate of 6,000 corn nuggets per second?

If not, the corn snack market is about to crash all around us.

And if so, then it seems like those resources could be put to better use making sustainable electric scooters for tech company founders or producing monocle chains for nearsighted billionaires secretly controlling the global economy.

But none of that matters right now. What matters is that you have an extremely rare opportunity to buy 300 of something with the click of a button. You know how your grandfather still talks about the Dodge Wayfarer he bought brand new in 1952 for $900 and a 15-second open-mouthed kiss with the salesman under the dealership mistletoe?

Well, this can be your Wayfarer moment that you tell your grandkids about. Just $29. And we don’t even know what mistletoe looks like.

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