What size mailbox do you have?

walarney thought this was worth mentioning said

Had to buy a new mailbox for the first time in a long while. Car took out the row of mailboxes and part of the neighbors fence. Didn’t want to miss mail delivery so I went to Lowe’s last night and picked up a “normal” looking mailbox. (Wasn’t thrilled with the selection, but didn’t really have time to shop around.) When I set it out this morning, I noticed most of my neighbors had taken the opportunity to upgrade to a larger box. And after doing some research this morning, it looks like the post office is now (as of 2015?) recommending a larger “T4” mailbox.

But since the mailboxes are at least 500 feet away out of sight by the main road, I’d rather have more of my packages delivered to my door. So is a “small” mailbox better? Is that selfish?