What is going on with fedex ground? Bought by Pitney Bowes or something?

kevinrs thought this was worth mentioning said

Meh seems to be sending stuff using fedex now, and stuff coming from other places too, seem to be having issues. Like stuff gets to Bloomington, CA, maybe 80 mile drive from me, and sits for days, changes to delivery date pending, etc.
A chewy order a family member made, 2 large boxes, started in Bloomington, but just showed label created for almost a week. A call to chewy and they resent the order, the next day fedex showed the original boxes made it to the local fedex center, and were cancelled by the shipper and were being sent back.
My latest order here, looks like it went fedex from Texas to Bloomington, and now shows pending for delivery date.
I mean, still in the estimated delivery window for the order, but should be an easy calculation of 1-2 days to get here from there.