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3-Pack: Merkury Innovations Smart Wi-Fi LED Strips (9.8')

  • Exactly three LED light strips to meet your LED light strip needs
  • Rad colors, controls, configurability—all the smart light things
  • Alexa and Google compatible
  • Can they make a margarita? They can make your margarita look SO COOL.
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Your Inner Teenager is NOT Impressed

Somewhere in another dimension, a younger version of you is so disappointed right now.

They’re probably standing in a Spencer’s Gifts at the mall, bathed in black light and staring inadvisably into the center of a lava lamp or a plasma orb or a disco ball. Then because of some random hot tub time machine logic or something else that helpfully advances the plot of our little narrative here, they’re able to gaze into the future and see…you. Boring, uninspired you, sitting there occupying a point in space and time where you can buy LED light strips for $4 a piece, and yet you just…don’t.

Sure, maybe younger you couldn’t have afforded the day at the arcade PLUS the fog machine they had behind the counter between the Goodfellas poster and the glass pipes clearly labeled for tobacco use only, but damned if you wouldn’t have come up with twelve bucks for some frankly amazing LED lighting that you could control with YOUR PHONE of all things.

Seriously. Twelve bucks. That’s mall-fountain-change-before-security-notices-you money. It’s find-it-behind-your-beanbag chair money. It’s the kind of money you could have easily blown at Taco Bell after using one of those glass pipes clearly labeled for—you know what, never mind. It’s a very small amount of money, is all we’re saying.

And while we’ve offered you these light strips before, we’ve never offered you precisely three of them before. So in your defense and to protect the legacies of your present and future selves alike, perhaps the problem isn’t that you’ve become square and uncool, but rather that your present LED ambitions require exactly three of these to accomplish.

There’s still hope for you, is all we’re saying.

For tobacco use only.

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