2-Pack of One Click Compact Camera Drones - Red or Black

  • Two baby drones that are easy to fly
  • Press buttons to take off, land, and do tricks
  • A beginner mode that can be turned on or off depending on skill level
  • Guards around the propellers means less getting tangled in stuff
  • Oh, they have cameras, prolly should mention that, lol
  • Model: SC-2052, SC-2053, because these will replace cars in South Carolina by either 2052 or 2053
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The Middle Ground

Are these drones the best toys to get for your stuck-at-home kids in terms of teaching them something or building skills that will last a lifetime?

No way.

There are plenty of better toys out there, toys that impart valuable lessons. There are toys that’ll show your kids how to code, for example, or work with electrical currents, toys that’ll teach your kids creative problem solving and the satisfaction of hard work.

But are these drones the best toys for your stuck-at-home kids in terms of being something easy and distracting to kill some time?

Probably not.

Turning on the television or handing them a tablet is likely going to be a lot more effective when it comes to keeping some bored children entertained for hours.

But then again, think about it: you’re chugging along on some tedious work project at your kitchen table and you reach a stopping point, so you take a break to play with your kids. And what do you end up doing? Programming a song? Explaining the basics of HTML? Getting the hinge on that Erector Set crane just right? Isn’t that just more work?

It’s not great, at least not all the time.

Nor is an over-reliance on screen time, lest you turn around and find your dear sweet child has been transformed into a) a foul-mouthed jerk by a cartoon show you were pretty sure was for children, or b) a zombie after playing 38 straight hours of some brainless game called Rock Blower Upper 7, which, oh btw, has also been harvesting all of your personal information.

That’s where these drones come in. Press a button, they take off. Press a button, they land. Press a button, they do stunts. Thus, your kids can build confidence in their piloting abilities and slowly transition away from beginner mode.

In other words: these drones are easier and simpler than, say, a Raspberry Pi but not as simple and easy as tapping a screen and making rocks go kaboom.

Thus, they’re the perfect middle ground.

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