2-Pack: Libratone ONE Click 50-Watt True Stereo Pairing Bluetooth Speakers

  • These are super portable, yet powerful 360° bluetooth speakers
  • Just one would be great
  • With two, though, you can use the Libratone App to pair them for stereo sound
  • Totally Danish
  • Model: *L18R4-8RUH
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Watch and Listen

As an ecommerce copywriter, it’s important that you’re able to distill a product down to its essence and really highlight its best features. It’s also important to know when no amount of words will ever be as effective as a simple one minute video. Like, for example, this one:

Honestly, that pretty much does our job for us, right?

Unless, of course, you’re in no position to watch a video right now. In which case, let us summarize: we’re selling a 2-pack of the Libratone ONE Click, the company’s super portable (yet, nonetheless powerful) 360° bluetooth speakers. You can use them separately. Or, you can pair a couple together for stereo sound.

Again, though, all of this was covered in that video. And with a delightfully refined British accent to boot!

One thing that they didn’t mention, though, is that Libratone is a Danish company. And therefore, their products really are optimized for Danish music. We’re talking such artists as:

  • Macbeth Demarco
  • Gucci Dane
  • Denmarky Mark and the Funky Bunch
  • Hyggestank
  • OK (Le)Go

Of course, it’s also great for music from the surrounding regions, such as:

  • Holland Oats
  • Swedence Clearwater Revival
  • Stroop Dogg
  • WHAM!berg
  • Melissa Netheridge

Okay, this is obviously a joke. These bands don’t exist, and besides Libratone products are great for music from anywhere. So, why include any of it at all? Is it because a simple, straightforward video has us feeling self-conscious and we’re trying prove our worth with terrible puns?

Uhh… What? Hahahaha. No way! That’s… crazy…

Anyway, buy some speakers, please!

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