2-Pack: iFrogz Sound Hub XD2 Dual Driver Wireless Earbuds

  • Dual drivers, which is… good, probably
  • We’re selling you a 2-pack for $10
  • Considering the price and quality, you’re bound to love these
  • Model: TH15-8UD5-F0R-U
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For Books On Tape

You get a 2-pack of iFrogz Sound Hub XD2 Dual Driver Wireless Earbuds.

What they say: “Their dynamic design features dual drivers in each earbud so you can experience music in a new way: with fuller, richer sound throughout the entire audio range. This means you get deep, accurate bass, full mids, and clear highs.”

What we say: “They’re some earbuds for when you need earbuds. They’re not truly wireless, meaning they’ve got the wire connecting the buds. That can make them a little cumbersome, but it also means they’re easier to keep track of.”

Are they going to sound great? That depends on your expectations and previous experiences with wireless headphones of either greater or lesser quality. Still, no matter what your standards are, they’re a perfectly capable pair of buds if you’re listening to a podcast, or maybe an audiobook on tape.

And no, that’s not a redundant phrase. We’re talking about audiobooks on the subject of tape. Such as:

  • Stick: The Unabridged History of Un-rollable Adhesives
  • Such Sharp Teeth: One Tape Dispenser Designer’s Dream of Ultimate Detachability
  • Adherence: A Philosophical Consideration of Sticking One Thing to Another Thing
  • From The Duct to the Runway: What Happens When Tape Becomes Fashion

Okay, we’ll admit: it turns out to be harder than expected to make up titles for fake books about tape. But it’s still easier than coming up with something to say about a totally fine 2-pack of wireless earbuds.

So why don’t you just hit the buy button so we can all be done here?

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