2-Pack: Chanasya Throw Blankets

  • A pair of those chic-looking blankets you’re used to only seeing in very fancy living rooms.
  • Also wonderfully cozy to use for blanket things.
  • Not great for forts.
  • Three styles—fringe, plaid, geometric. And you get two!
  • Can it make margaritas? No, but they are the perfect accessory for sleeping off margaritas.
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Well hello there. We see you’re spending a non-zero percent of your Valentine’s Day here on meh.com. We like your style.

And while we could presume that the typical Meh visitor takes the same cock-eyed cynicism that they apply to online retail shopping and points that shit right at the consumeristic nightmare that is Valentine’s Day, we’re going to keep our assumptions to ourselves for once and do our best to approach this day with the most genuine and positive intentions possible.

Think of it this way: Today you’re going to navigate any number of holiday-related hurdles—sending the kids to school with hastily-signed superhero Valentines, purchasing or receiving overpriced flowers, engaging in calendar-driven physical intimacy…maybe even all of the above. And when you get to the other side of the school treats and the pricey roses and the semi-obligatory exchange of intimate fluids, you’re going to be left sitting in a shallow pit of your own self-reflection in which you consider and reconsider the true meaning of love in a world gone mad.

After all, there has to be more to it than heart-shaped sugar chalk, dying foliage, and Cupid-themed performance anxiety.

And guess what? There is.

There’s also fancy throw blankets.

As any truly enlightened romantic partnership will prove, once you strip away all the layers of bullshit, you’re really left with just one pure expression of real intimacy—curling up together on the couch under a blanket. That’s it. That’s the whole game. There’s really nothing better.


Wait, what’s that you say? You’re refreshingly/crushingly alone and don’t appreciate us taking something as benign as a freaking blanket and turning it into a whole thing?

Not so fast.

Because curling up under a blanket by your damn self is also quite an experience. Especially if it’s a really nice one.

And these are really nice ones.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Aspire to a blanket on the couch.

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