2-Pack: Bamboo Pillows

  • You get a pair of standard-size shredded memory foam pillows like everybody’s talking about these days, to the extent that anyone talks about pillows at all
  • Bamboo rayon cover is hypoallergenic because bamboo secretes a substance called “kun” that kills microbes dead (seriously, it’s true)
  • We laid our heads on these and found them plush and supportive, a little on the firm side and softening over time; your head may vary
  • Model: BK1515 (nice little number, but it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that Google uniqueness - search results include a bar sink, an error code, a ball bearing, just about everything but these pillows)
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Sleep like you're paying for it.

It’s a dark irony. You can’t sleep at night because you’re searching for a good night’s sleep. You literally can’t rest until you’ve tracked down those excellent pillows from your last hotel stay. Gentle yet firm. Soft yet supportive. You want those pillows. You need those pillows.

The tags on the pillows was no help about where to buy more: not so much as a web URL. The cleaning lady just rolled her eyes at you. After much irritable sighing, the front desk eventually tracked down a phone number for Jeff at the hotel procurement office.

Jeff’s voicemail greeting said he’ll be on vacation all summer, but you can call Rachel. You took a day off work to call Rachel, leaving increasingly desperate pleas for those pillows. Somehow you missed her one call back: that she really works better over email.

She still hasn’t answered your email. You can’t go on living this way. But you can’t go on living without those pillows.

It doesn’t have to be like this. There is a way out. These shredded memory foam pillows offer hotel-style comfort and a hypoallergenic bamboo rayon cover, all with a legitimate provenance. If you buy three pairs, you can be set for years to come, for less than the cost of a one-night stay in the crappiest motel. Not to mention the emotional cost of waiting for an email that never comes.

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