2-for-Tuesday: Duncan Groove Kendama

  • 2 kendamas (or is the plural “kendama”?) that are also yo-yos (or is the plural “yos-yo”?)
  • The kendama is a classic Japanese toy that is, like green tea Kit-Kats, surprisingly addictive
  • Made by Duncan, the old-school yo-yo maker
  • The perfect gift for 2 overcompetitive siblings
  • Made of real wood and real fun (real fun not guaranteed)
  • Heads up: these aren’t shipping out till next Monday, so you’ll have to watch tricks videos to while away the time
  • Model: 3860KE (Duncan doesn’t go in for any razzle-dazzle, gimcrack model number foolishness. They’re a serious toy maker with serious toy model numbers)
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More Weird Crap From Japan

The last time we sold a kendama, I described it as “a classic Japanese game.” But I assumed “classic” meant it was popular there long ago and nobody much played it anymore. Just as the “classic” American game of marbles isn’t exactly the hottest thing going these days with the youths. But I was wrong.

Meh writer @skemmehs here coming to you from Japan (again) where I recently witnessed a whole gaggle of Osakan 20-somethings engaged in a rousing game of pass-the-kendama. They were attempting the toy’s most difficult trick — landing the ball on the small wooden peg — and crying out with (presumably) joyous exclamations when (rarely) successful.

So this classic game remains popular with the nation’s youngfolk, as I was surprised to learn. But it was far from the most surprising sight I’ve seen in the prefecture …

I found the above in the “beauty” section of Don Quixote, my favorite store in the world. It seems to be some kind of additive for one’s bath that turns it into what I believe is technically called “goop.” What young women doesn’t want her bath water to feel like the albumin of a sci-fi alien egg?

Then she can trail her snail-like mucus into bed and …

tape her mouth closed to prevent snoring and waking her partner. Why do us Americans spend so much money on special pillows and surgery to keep from snoring when the solution is so simple?

And if she fails to apply her mouth-sealant, she’ll want to use her …

Diabolical self-flaggelation club to expiate her shameful spousal sins! (I honestly have no idea what this is.)

And don’t think her husband is getting off easy …

He’s got to keep those sagging jowls in line. And should his stern face begin to sag he can always apply a popular face mask to keep up appearances:

Never a purer smile have I beheld.

The man of the Japanese household carries the largest burden of all. For should he fail in any of his many beauty regimes, he is forced to wear the Underpants Of The Ashamed:

Thank your lucky stars you live in America, where we have no shame but do have kendamas.

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