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Back Wrap | Shoulder Wrap
Knee Wrap | Neck Wrap

Sharper Image Calming Heat + Massage Wraps

  • Delivers targeted heat & vibration snug around your neck, back, shoulders & knees
  • The back model has 3 adjustable inflation levels of lumbar support
  • The neck model includes a 5000mAh battery pack that can also be used on the back wrap for portable use
  • Up to 27-30 different combinations of massage & heat per model
  • Are they Mac-compatible: No, but they can help you feel better after you’ve been slumped over your phone or laptop all day
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Not the Burrito Kind

Right now? As in: the summer? These things are exactly what they say they are.

Which means we should probably say what they are.

They’re heat wraps. We got one for your neck, one for your back, one for your knees, or one for your shoulder. You choose what you want. They all offer several levels of heat & vibration, plus a snug customizable fit. And the neck one includes a battery pack for portable use, which also works for the back model if you buy that one, too.

There are plenty of weeks in July and August and even September when the temperature climbs up into the upper 90s or the triple-digits. And there are plenty of days when wicked thunderstorms roll through turning the high noon sky dark and terrifying.

Those days, you stay inside and you don’t do much.

But other times? When you’re looking at high-70s/low-80s and sunny with a light breeze? The great outdoors beckon to you, pulling you out of your air-conditioned cocoon and into the vitamin-D-drenched landscape beyond. And it feels great. Until, that is, it doesn’t.

Look, you don’t have to do an aerobics class in the park or hike a mountain to mess yourself up. You don’t have to take a 60-mile bike ride, or run a marathon, or even join a beer league softball team. Gardening, mowing the lawn, walking your dog, going to a city pool–all of these things involve moving and shifting your posture, which means all of them put you at risk of tweaking something or just ending the day feeling sore and achy.

These can help with that! They’re not like percussion massagers. You don’t have to target the problem area yourself. You just put one on, turn on the TV, and relax.

And just to be clear here, you can perform those last three steps–put one on, turn on the TV, and relax–without any pain. They’re not going to scan your muscles to deem whether or not you “deserve” treatment.

Which brings us back to where we started. In the warmer months, you’ll use these things plenty to do exactly what they’re advertised to do. But come the short, dark, depressing days of winter, there’s nothing stopping you from putting one on just to feel a little cozy.

Hence, you should get one.

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