Meh Birthday Cards!


To celebrate our recent 1 year birthday we sold Fukubukuros complete with confetti and noisemakers, but since we're a little needy we also included self-addressed stamped envelopes to make it as easy as possible for you to send us the birthday wishes that we so desperately desired.

Fortunately it was a huge success! We've received over 100 cards already with more still trickling in.

Unfortunately so many of you were awesome and creative and sent interesting stuff that this post would be way too long if I called out every card we liked, so I had to choose a handful of favorites (don't worry, there's a full gallery linked at the end).

@DaveInSoCal sent us origami post-its (not yet tested)

Some of you even included polaroids!

@Vermifuge showed off some mad art skills with this Irk drawing

@fernikfurra was not to be outdone with an awesome (and majestic af) unicorn and accompanying goat

The prankster known as "Alex" got our hopes up only to dash them

…I guess we know how it feels now

@Starblind included a drawing of @Moose's true self and a Tiny Tub Mummy!

@DarkZrobe stalked us but it's okay because now we can eat a bunch of cheesy tots and cherry limeaides

but we kinda earned it because they also sent us actual cat hair. Gross!

@SHOVAR drew a sweet robot and sent us some cool crap from their junk drawer, like a German Sudowoodo Pokémon card

@TheAlmighty1 really went all out by writing their card in Mad Ape Den and including an "other thing" note

as well as this major award lauding our 404 page

and that "other thing" ended up being A REAL WEDDING INVITATION

don't expect a response because WE'RE CRASHING THIS BABY

Speaking of overachievers, @Trillian sent us…

a custom made pop-up talking Irk card!!!

He says "I'm here because I heard there would be nachos" when you open the card!

Here's a quickly and terribly shot vertical video demonstrating what it says

Thanks so SO much for all of the birthday wishes, creative drawings, random crap, gift cards and miscellaneous legal U.S. tender! Y'all are the best community around.

Full Gallery Here