Legit Question about the Resident Alien aka /Showme Ai on Meh


Can I use it for my own purposes?

I feel like we could be using this to create some serious Webtoon or Webnovella content… hear me out…

There are so many funny people on this website … gifted in many ways and we don’t all agree… but WHAT if? We were like the Dog Caucus that was recently legitimately created in Congress that bridges all sides of the political landscape… Dogs are great and we all agree on that…

Anyways. … I would like to use the MEH.com Ai engine to make images for all the story ideas that I personally have… (I feel like I’ve been waiting for this kind of autocratic technological device that I can use to tell the countless stories I have inside of me but I don’t have a creative community in my personal life to help me make that particular dream happen… and believe me I have tried to gather others to join me all along the way - just as I am doing right now).

So in some ways I feel like Meh and their AI bot is my dream come true… but I don’t want to be alone in this… (but I will if I’m allowed to) What are the logistics? Can we do this? Together or alone? Can these wildly funny and original ideas turned cartoon reality be something we can weave into stories that touch people? If I use a Meh image can I just credit it/them and use it like I want to for my own story telling purposes?

Can I start My Own Private Idaho chat with the Mehtbot? So that it’s only the two of us and I can develop a Special Relationship … I know it’s a funny thing to write but I’m not kidding… can I privately engage your AI to make images for me? It would all be PG… (in case anyone’s mind wanders there… )

Copywrite issues (Creative Commons)… etc… enquiring minds want to know… I’d also appreciate any one else’s thoughts. Please be kind because I’m not looking to be shot down… it’s a fledgling notion that is suggested in earnest.

I look forward to the images and discussion!

Soylent Green Balls from AI engine haha