Leaving VMP: Change My View (CMV)


I’ve been a VMP member since July of 2016 and don’t see enough reason to continue. Here’s Why:

  • BIGGEST: Contributing to landfills with IRK purchases. IRKs are still my main motivator for VMP membership. Stuff I don’t need gets contributed to Goodwill but they end up trashing most of that stuff.
  • Mehrathons: A time suck on 98% of items I don’t need. The VMP hour is usually filled with typical Meh items or specialized ones I would never buy. I mean who really needs a Danny Devito pillow?
  • I don’t subscribe to Meh e-mails. Just another thing to add to my e-mail clutter on 98% of items I’ll never buy.
  • Quality of products: Meh’s got some gems, but most are, of course “Meh”. Seeing the same Meh products repeat over and over (usually with ridiculous quantity amounts I’ll never need) continues to dwindle my interest.
  • I’ve looked over Meh’s sister sites and I rarely buy. I even had a few discount codes I never used.
  • All orders I’ve made last year I could live without.
  • I rarely join community discussions and don’t really care about VMP bragging rights.

Care to change my view?

If you don’t know what CMV is, go HERE.