how's it going?


week 1 how’s it going
week 2 say hello to inlo
week 3 strategery and defiance
week 4 a breakfast octopus prequel
week 5 brainstorming with bezos

Hey nice, my account still works. It’s been a few years.

I’ve enjoyed a nice extended career break. Time with with the family has been great. Pandemic not so great of course but it did slow down the clock (or maybe that was all the pasta). 2 years has seemed like 5.

This new work from home productivity is amazing and has me energized. Ecommerce scene is a bit boring but maybe there’s still room to explore things. Web3 looks like a joke but at least has people thinking fresh about the open web (and wordle wow!) Community has always been a magical underutilized element and I love seeing it spark to life organically.

How are you all doing over here at Meh?