Hi, my name is Marklog, and I have a problem.

marklog thought this was worth mentioning said

I got the sweats yesterday. Not the 'I ate too much meat and now my colon is working overtime' sweats. Those, I can take. Those are my fault. These sweats are YOUR fault, meh.

This past Saturday was a particularly busy day for me. I had been on six planes in three days during the week and my internal clock was all messed up. Then housework, child birthday parties, dinner with friends, then drinks. It was a packed day! I finally hit the sack around 11pm (eastern). The pillow felt great.

Then, I woke up screaming I DIDN'T CLICK THE MEH FACE! My wife thought that I wasn't awake, as people who are awake don't yell ridiculous things like that. I still must have been dreaming! I wasn't. It was 11:37pm and I nearly broke my streak.


Now, I wake up sweating. Please, meh. make something 'go terribly wrong' for a full day and put me out of my misery. Lock out my login, or something. I can't take it. I need to break my 133 day chip. Be my higher power.