Meh Tools (Meh Unofficial Chrome Extension)


You can now find the latest release here:

There you will also find the instructions for installing the extension (I will also post them below).

The current features are as follows:

  • Automatic Self Starring
    -- Star every post by you on a page.
  • Select a Different Badge
    -- Give yourself any of the badges (only you will see this)
  • Blame Button
    -- Adds a blame button next to reply buttons and will add the current goat's name instead of the person you were replying to.
  • Custom Curse
    -- Add a custom prefix to blaming the goat. Like "Curse you @studerc!"

Picture of current settings:

If enough people admit to using this, I will consider paying the $5 fee to publish the extension in the chrome store, which would make installing the app 100% easier. Until then, blame the goat!