🐐 February goat registration thread 🐐


Welp, it seems like I'm being goated because I led a community decision last month. Also because of my name. Whatever. We're past that now. I'm not bitter. 😒

If it's going to be a Lotsofgoats goat month, then it may as well have lots of goats. That's you, maybe! Let's roleplay!

Me: Hey, want to be a goat for one day this month?
You: That sounds fun! It also sounds suspiciously like you're trying to get out of putting in any effort!
Me: ¯\_(ツ)
You: ...so you don't even deny that this is a blatant scam?
Me: ¯\
You: ...so why would anybody do this?
Me: I'll give you twenty bucks.
You: How cheap do you thi-... no, okay, I'm totally in.

You take scapegoat responsibilities for a day, applying your individual goat style or theme for 24 hours. At the end of the month, we'll do a good old-fashioned star vote for the best executed goatery. If you win, I'll mail you twenty real totally not counterfeit United States dollars!

You: But wait, I don't want some creep like you having my address!

Then I'll email you a damn gift card of your choosing, sheesh. Calm yourself.

Registration is FIFO. If you want to claim a specific theme, do it here so nobody can copy yours like a punk. If not enough people want to fight over $20 (DOUBTFUL LOL) then I'll cover the leftover days, but I have faith in you my little goaties.