It's Official! The October Scapegoat - Spookgoat, Goat-tober, Octgoatberfest...


With @sohmageek wrapping up his Scapegoat Scavenger Hunt for September, we gathered to vote for October's punching bag... er... Scapegoat!
We had a strong early leader in @jaremelz, but were then sidetracked by the abrupt departure of our fearless leader, @JonT. With this upset, the votes to goat @JonT came in fast! Still, a pretty close race was had! @JonT currently stands at 30 votes, @jaremelz with 26.
In a (un)surprising twist, @JonT has stated that he will not be able to participate as a goat should this month, knocking him out of the running. (But he still knows we love him.)
Which means, our early leader! Our felting fiend! Our SpookGoat-toberfest is... @jaremelz!

You were due, anyway.