Your Choice: iDesign Ribbed Quick Dry Bath Towels (4 Bath or 6-Piece combo)

  • Apply these miracle fabrics to parts of your body to alleviate wetness
  • (They’re towels)
  • You can have 4 bath towels, or a 6-piece combo set
  • Very very soft, and they dry very very quickly
  • Model: 7666, 7667, 7662, 7664, 0867, 5309, 7656, 7568, 7652, 7654 (we may have slipped a few fake ones in there)
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Stay Comfy

We’re here now. It’s winter.

And that means a lot of things. It means adding an extra ten minutes to your commute time to defrost your car if you don’t have a garage. It means seeing the floors of restaurants streaked with mud and ice. It means bundling up to leave the house and then peeling off 30 layers before you can sit down at your cubicle. It means arriving at the office when the sun comes up and leaving as the sun goes down.

Unless, of course, you’re staying home. In which case, a lot of winter’s issues have been replaced by a single, overarching one. Cabin fever.

Don’t get us wrong here: it can be rad to roll out of bed three minutes before you have to log on for a virtual meeting, dressed professionally from the waist up only (and even then, the camera’s not high enough res to pick up the evidence that you’ve been wearing that shirt for a week). And sure, it’s nice to save a little money by buying a bottle of wine for the same price as a single glass at the bar.

But wow, yeah, being home ALL THE TIME? That’s a little crazy-making, isn’t it? You need to look for ways to relax, preferably ones that don’t involve sitting in front of the television and watching shows about British people making cakes until your eyes start to bleed. (Although, you can have a little Bake-Off, as a treat.)

One option? A nice long warm shower or bath. It’s perfect… except for one thing: once again, we must remind you, it’s winter. That means every trip to the shower or the bath is followed by a terrible period of torture, during which you must show shivering repentance for your use of all that hot water.

Which brings us, at long last, to today’s product: a set of bath towels!

Will these towels protect you from experiencing the dreaded post-soak chill? Not exactly. Good insulation, radiant heat floors, and the thermostat cranked are your best bet in that regard.

But look, that stuff? It’s expensive. And anyway, reaching for a new, super soft, quick dry towel is better than emerging from the tub only to find a piece of threadbare sandpaper-lite that you’ve been using since college waiting for you.

So get some new towels, and add a little more comfort to your life. You’re going to need it this winter.

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