2020 Dec. Goat Daily Rant 17

PocketBrain went on a bit of a rant said

Rant: Words

Sometimes, all the words of the English language are insufficient or too cumbersome to express a concept. Here are a few that I and my colleagues have come up with.

  • Frauduct (n): Fraudulent product. ex: Blinker fluid, copper wrist bands, magnet therapy, snake oil, title loan, etc.
  • Guesspertise (n): Wild-ass estimation proficiency.
  • Rornge (adj): The orangish red color of something that should have been reddishly red.
  • Manduntary (adj): The characteristic of a strictly voluntary event that your boss tells you to show up for.
  • Doltage (n): Digital Voltage, a universal constant that decreases with time.
  • Potatoe (v): To spoil one’s political chances with a single excusable gaffe that the media choses to focus upon. Some people are immune.
  • Sesquipedestrian (adj): Characteristic of a person who figures him/herself a linguistic genius, but has no greater facility with the English language than the average person.
  • Balonium (n): A chemical element that is an important alloying agent in any frauduct.
  • Deutschbag (n): A person who uses German words and phrases (esp. schadenfreude) among English speakers who don’t care to learn any German.
  • Irritisement (n): That annoying commercial that makes you change the channel or just turn off the TV. Basically, any beverage commercial wherein you can her them slosh and swallow.
  • Pizzagami (n): The art of successfully folding a pizza box far too big to fit in a garbage can.
  • Primenesia (n): The malady of receiving an Amazon package and realizing you have no recollection of what you ordered.
  • Bipolar Bear (n): A polar bear that immediately regrets the calories those penguins he just ate contained, so he goes on another swim across the equator, only to collapse in tears, bingeing on Klondike Bars. Well, what would you do?
  • Stick Actuator (n): A jet-jockey whose skill set is so basic, he’s just there to move the stick.
  • Vitamin V: The crucial sustenance you gain from a visit to the vending machine.

So, do you guys have any choice words that the Dictionary simply wasn’t big enough for?