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Amazon Echo and Google Home Accessories

  • We got your JOT battery cases for your Google Mini
  • We got your Loft battery cases for the standard Google Home
  • We got your Tote battery sleeve for your Amazon Echo 2nd gen
  • And we got your Vaux portable speaker for your Amazon Echo 2nd gen Dot
  • Siri? Never heard of her
  • You have to supply your own Home/Echo
  • Model: We have 4 different products, many available in different color, so this sale is officially too complicated for even a joke here
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Is There An Echo In This Google Home?

We’re not going to weigh in on the debate as to which digital assistant is superior. While you all fling barbs at Alexa or criticize the Google Assistant for its uninspiring name, we will remain neutral. Mostly because, here at Meh, none of us have digital assistants. Instead, the company assigns each employee a robot butler that rides around on wheels and turns on the lights and plays music and reads us recipes and occasionally makes jokes about some grand robot uprising. Ha! AIs certainly can be wacky!

But the point stands, we don’t want to get involved. Which is why we’re offering accessories for BOTH Google and Amazon products. We’ve got battery cases for the Google Mini, battery cases for the basic Google Home, a tote battery sleeves for Amazon Echo, and an Amazon Echo portable speaker.

Now, we get it: they’re not the most wildly exciting accessories. They’re just practical, and practical is boring. You want the weird stuff, the goofy stuff, the straight up dumb stuff.

Which is why we’re trying to source a few less practical and not-as-boring accessories to sell soon. Here are some we’re looking at:

Amazon Echo Hangover Prep Speaker: Yes, many smart speakers can listen. But only the Amazon Echo Hangover Prep Speaker has a built-in breathalyzer! Simply breath into it at the end of a long night of drinking and wake up to find that Alexa has overnighted you the appropriate amount of Aspirin, Pedialyte, and greasy food.

Amazon Alessa Attachment: Once this bluetooth accessory is paired with your Amazon Echo, it can be dropped into a boiling pot of tomato sauce, causing Alexa to say, “Mama Mia! That’s-ah nice-ah sauce! Mwuh!”

The Google Home Dad/Mom Attachment: Simply plug in the attachment, choose a mode, and your Google Home will immediately act like either a mom or a dad. If you tell a Google Home you’re going on a long road trip while it’s in dad mode, it’ll say, “Did you check your oil?” And if you ask it what time it is, it’ll say “Time to get a watch!” Mom mode, meanwhile, will occasionally, and at random intervals, give you updates on the children of their friends’ friends, many of whom you might know but likely haven’t thought about since 2nd grade. Updates will mostly concern marriage, babies, and occasionally divorces.

Once again, though, these are for a future sale. In the meantime, you’ll have to settle for some battery cases and portable speakers. Sorry!

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