Unofficial MEHRICAN EXCHANGE VER 9.0 Sign up


Welcome to the Unofficial Mehrican Exchange Version 9.0. This exchange stemmed from a small group of people on deals.woot frustrated with their inability to gain a Woot Bag of Crap. @studerc started it here and ran the first 4 exchanges (so regardless of who the goat is, this is all his fault!) and @Yoda_Daenerys volunteered to run exchange #5 (labeled 4.01a V.2 if you want to search for it). @kidsandliz was coerced into running then starting with #6.

The basic premise of this exchange is simple:

You will have the opportunity to exchange a total of 3 boxes (typically they are medium priority mail size although you are not bound by that). Essentially how this will work is that for each box you agree to send out, you will get one in return; 1 for 1, 2 for 2, 3 for 3. It is pretty much up for whatever you want to do. You can (or not) search the person you are sending to on old posts on meh, google them, whatever…(as long as it is legal). You will be the one paying for the shipping for each box you give out so it’s pretty much up to your wallet (a very common size box that is sent is a medium priority mail box). Please review the following guidelines in ensure that each Mehrican is provided with an at least mediocre exchange experience.

  1. Tread lightly with homemade or perishable food items. Furthermore all food items that are sent must be completely sealed. (this step was taken from the start in which multiple participants mentioned food allergies). While it may be snowing in the freezer belt of the USA, the south is still having record breaking highs and so you can still fry eggs in the shade.

  2. This does not follow the same guidelines as the Woot BOC, Fuku, Fuko or I.R.K. in terms of quantity of items. Glance at older exchanges to get an idea of what people have sent in the past. Don’t be THAT PERSON that sends a crappy box in hopes to get something decent in return. ALSO, while there is no limit on the cost of your box, we all come from different socioeconomic statuses. Be respectful of that. Some will be able to send more, others will not. Who you send to and who sends to you is chosen randomly.

  3. Past two reveal threads (you can search for more of them) if you are unfamiliar with these exchanges:

  1. Please follow all posted mailing guidelines regarding sending explosives, alcohol, drugs - you know that bureaucratic stuff that will get people in “trouble”.

  2. Do not send a box of broken objects, objects that could easily be broken in transit, things that could be considered trash, etc. Nobody wants a box like that. Plus people can get hurt.

  3. Please keep in mind and follow all of the expectations regarding the send out dates and etc. Do not sign up for more than you can provide.

  4. IF this is your first exchange, you will only be permitted to exchange one box.

  5. When shipping out your box, please include your username somewhere in or on the parcel. It makes it so much easier to recognize and thank someone that way!

  6. When you get your box you need to post to the “unofficial mehrican exchange 9.0 reveal thread”. Preferably with photos. Preferably within 3 days of receiving it. It is disappointing for the sender if you do not do that. And if you do not I will nag you to post. Publicly.

  7. Since each time at least one person is a selfish jerk and doesn’t send (which bans you from future exchanges if you pull that stunt), you do have the choice to send and not receive a box to someone who got stiffed (or send and receive some but send an extra if needed).

  8. If you have boxes you’d like to randomly send as a “surprise” bonus box to someone who won’t be expecting an extra box, let me know and we can have a private discussion about how you’d like this to happen.


Please keep in mind, the point of this exchange is to be fun and community oriented. Likewise, keep in mind that while I proof a zillion times I can still screw up. I will fix screw ups as soon as I know about them/you tell me about them.

You will need to sign into google to be able to fill out the sign up form.
I have set the form such that you can edit your answers up until the sign up date has passed.

There is a spot on the form to indicate any constraints you have, requests, etc. You can indicate whether or not it is OK for me to give your email address to the person sending you a box (if you say yes this saves me from being the go between to let people know their box is being sent out/is delayed).


AFTER YOU SIGN UP SEND ME AN EMAIL AT: (notice it says 6 and not 9) when you have signed up so that I know for sure I have your form. If you have any questions email me at this same email address (rather than whisper as then I will have everything in one place.

Enrollment: 10/4/19 - 10/13 10/16, 7 AM CT.
Emails out on: 10/16 or 1/17
Boxes out from: 10/18-10/25 (ish)

When you sign up let me know if you can’t mail then so I can let your recipient know – without letting them know who you are unless you want me to). BE SURE to put your meh user name in the box you send so they know who to thank.

If at all possible please post the stuff you got within 3 days of receiving it

Please have your box(es) ready to go when you sign up (or shortly thereafter if you plan to stalk your “person” on the meh forms for ideas about what to send) so you can mail them in a timely manner. If some reason you will not be home when your box(es) might arrive and want them sent to arrive later, please note that on the sign up sheet so that I can include that information when I send out your information.

Thanks to @studerc, the originator of this exchange, for allowing me to plagiarize his previous efforts. If you don’t like it blame either him or the goat!