1.0 Carat TW Moissanite Earrings or Necklace in Solid 14K Gold

  • Guilt-free Moissanite in a 14K white or yellow gold setting
  • All the bling, none of the wring(ing your hands together because you feel bad about buying blood diamonds)
  • Yeah, that last one was kind of a stretch
  • Diamond color and clarity equivalent: E-F and VVS1-VVS2
  • Model: 5H1NY-5H1NY
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Diamonds are for…suckers

Think back to simpler times, when fur was fashionable, diamonds were forever, and every sitcom began with a detailed theme song that explained the premise of the show.

Those helpful sitcom songs crossed our minds yesterday, when we had to sit down to explain “moissanite” for today’s deal. It wasn’t entirely obvious where to begin telling the story of Henri Moissan, the Nobel-winning French chemist who basically found space diamonds in the desert and then figured out how to create them synthetically.

Wait, what’s that sound?

[Expositional 90s hip-hop beat]

(Think “Fresh Prince”)

Now this is the story all about how
This dude Moissan went out and found
A gem that looked like diamonds but was even more rare
‘Til they grew it in a lab and now it’s priced fair.

[90s hip-hop interlude]

(1890s, by the way)

In West Arizona, bored and dazed
Henri found a gemstone and the man was amazed
It was maximum shiny and it sparkled all cool
Like nothing that he’d seen in his chemistry school

You could cut it by the carat and it buffed up quite good
So he started asking ‘round in the neighborhood.
Turns out a meteor crater had these “diamonds” so fine
While no one got black lung from some god-awful mine.

Silicon carbide’s what it turned out to be
And they could do it in a lab pretty damn easily.
Moissan got to name it so it’s moissanite now,
And companies now make it ‘cause he showed them all how.

[90s hip-hop outro]

(And again, 1890s. Not sure why you’ve still got DJ Jazzy Jeff beats in your head.)

Man, that really WAS helpful, wasn’t it?

Our boy Henri thought these were actual diamonds at first…for years. And he was into this kind of thing professionally. If it’s good enough to fool him, it’s good enough for us.

Now a lot of times when you see stuff like this, you’ll notice that they do the synthetic gemstone part fine, but then go with some cheap gold-plated setting that just makes for junky jewelry.

Today’s deal is solid 14k white or yellow gold, whether you choose the earrings or the necklace. And either choice gives you all of the sparkle with none of the crushing guilt of supporting exploitative mining overseas and/or paying a preposterous amount of money for something a 19th-century French chemist could cook up in his bathtub.

The choice is yours.

Good job, Henri. Next do the stuff in phone batteries.

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