12-Bottles (1 Case) of Pedroncelli Rosé Wine

  • A top value, favorite wine recognized with enthusiasm by the weirdos over at Casemates.
  • Twelve bottles for saving, drinking, or giving away.
  • Declared “zesty and fun to drink” by Wine Spectator’s Tim Fish, who would know. (We assume.)
  • Some more specific notes: aromas of cherry and rose petals; strawberry, cherry, and a hint of white pepper spice on the palate.
  • It’s pronounced leviOsa not levioSA. Wait, sorry. It’s roSAY.
  • If rosé isn’t your thing and you’ve never had a Walla Walla Cab, head on over to Casemates - it will knock your socks off.
  • Model: we will not defile this fine wine with your damn model numbers!
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Life’s different when you’re sitting on a whole case of wine

Right now there’s a certain amount of comfort to be found in the simple things.

A comfy deck chair. A steak on the grill. Surprise trebuchet assault on a neighboring condo. Glass of wine. That kind of thing.

We can’t help you with the steak of the medieval siege weapon, but we can hook you up with that glass of wine. Or, even better, a whole bunch of them.

We’re talking about a proper case of very satisfying Perdoncelli Rosé delivered to your door, which will pretty much take you from zero to a person with a crapload of wine in one quick order.

This will open doors for you.

If you have two bottles of wine, you probably aren’t going to drop one off on the neighbor’s porch with a note inviting them to join you for some socially distant conversation over the backyard fence. But if you have twelve bottles of wine, suddenly you don’t even need to particularly like them that much to feel good about a nice neighborly gesture during these strange times.

Or you could give one to a friend having a rough day. You could drop one off at your favorite essential business to thank them for plugging along out there. Or to the insufferable coworker who keeps interrupting on the video calls. This won’t make him stop, but it might keep him guessing about whether or not you’re up to something.

Having twelve bottles of wine at the ready makes all sorts of things possible.

Oh and this probably doesn’t go without saying, considering that the price is really, really good, but this stuff is quite nice and will make an absolutely respectable showing whenever you need it.

Go get yourself twelve bottles of wine. And then, if you want even more, check out Casemates.

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