Vistatech 2.4GHz Live-Streaming WiFi Video Drone

  • Super easy to use for beginners and fun for more experienced droners too
  • 6-Axis and capable of 360° flips
  • It’ll hold it’s altitude
  • And when it’s time to land, you just tap a button
  • Takes photos or videos and streams directly to your phone
  • Model: NV-06782, because it’s the Nevada of drones! (By which we mean: it’s so fucking hot)
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So Easy

Hello. It’s me a movie director from the 1980s.

My most famous film is a fairly by-the-books romantic comedy that takes place in and around a high school in the suburbs of Chicago. As the credits roll, we see the protagonist’s simple house from the air. She and her new boyfriend dance in the backyard while her younger siblings play in the pool.

That shot?

It required thirty-six permits, the rental of a helicopter, the signing of twelve forms each by every member of the crew, as well as all of the actors on the ground. Day of, we found out the gear I hoped to take up with us was over the weight limit, so we had scramble to triage what we needed. Six times throughout the day, the helicopter had to return to an airfield twenty minutes away for refueling, and in the end, the entire shoot cost an amount of money that is too embarrassing to recall, except to say it could’ve bought that suburban home five times over.

Last summer, we had a barbecue in our backyard in Los Angeles. My daughter and her family came, and my fourteen year old grandson brought his Vistatech 2.4GHz Live-Streaming WiFi Video Drone. It was so easy to use. He took off, and a flew it around while we watched on his tablet.

It looked beautiful and, really, it should’ve been great fun. But I kept thinking of that day in the helicopter, how big of a pain it all was, how much it cost, how long it took. And here’s this kid with a cell phone and something he can hold in his hand, and he’s getting beautiful footage without even trying. It was enough to make me sick, honestly, knowing how easy it would be to recreate that memorable shot with current technology.

Then again, there are plenty of things today’s filmmakers must consider that I, working in the 1980s, never had to worry about. Like continuity, for example. Or plot holes.

So I guess there are always trade-offs.

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