Virmee Tempo VT3 Plus Smart Watch

  • It’ll track your steps, your heart rate, calories burned, exercise, all that stuff
  • It’ll also let you get notifications on your wrist
  • If people just assume it’s that other, fancier smart watch… well, why spoil their perception
  • Model: V1RM33-4ND-V1RY0U
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Knowledge Is Power

So often, activity-tracking smart watches like this one are marketed for their potential impact on your future. You can set goals for steps and exercise. You can monitor how many calories you burn each day to build your diet going forward. In short, you can put today’s data towards a better tomorrow.

And that’s all well and good. But here’s the thing: the stuff your watch tells you can also help you on the day-to-day, hour-to-hour micro level as well.

Like, for example, if you’re feeling pretty crummy and tired, you can check your steps and see, oh, right, you’ve barely moved at all today, and so maybe a nice walk is in order. Or you might see that you slept poorly last night, and actually what you need is a nap. Or maybe you’ve taken a ton of steps while getting some chores done, but you didn’t realize because you don’t think of chores as exercise.

And speaking of exercise, there’s nothing worse than going for a run or a bike ride one day and feeling like a pro athlete, only to try the same run/ride the next day and feel like shit. But a good tracking watch can help with that too, by letting you know where your heart rate’s at. If it’s low, maybe push yourself a little harder. If it’s as high as it usually is, just keep on keeping on and blame the slow pace on some other factor, environmental or otherwise.

What we’re saying is, sure, you can use this Virmee activity-tracking watch to make a healthier you. But you can also use it right now to give yourself a break (or not).

Well, not right now. But after you buy it and it arrives at your house.

Because you’re going to buy it, right?

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