Colgate "Smart Battery Sonic Toothbrush"

werehatrack thought this was worth mentioning said

Why should I care, and what makes it smart? Is it just the battery that’s smart, and if so, is that “Usefully smart, limited to behaviors that will not annoy the bejeezus out of me, or designed-by-Apple-smart, with FeaTurEs calculated to increase my need for mental health visits”?

I’ve read the various bits of info about the comparisons between sonic vs. just-electric toothbrushes, and yet I fail to find a compelling reason to try either of them after having given up on the original electrics forty-plus years ago. For that matter, I’m still using the last of my preferred design of Colgate manual brush that I bought in the '90s before they discontinued the design, and it seems to do the job well enough.

Am I wrong to regard this whole category as a cash grab based on feeping creaturism?