Verisonix Pro DJ Monitoring Hybrid Electrostatic Headphones

  • Uses Hybrid Electrostatz Technology
  • Translation: 'sounds good like electrostatic, not so ‘spensive.’
  • Here’s a review with more info
  • And another review
  • Basically: it means they sound crisp as hell
  • Last time we had this brand, they sold out pretty quick
  • Awesome sound quality on a meh budget
  • If you’re like, how do we have these great headphones for so cheap, it’s sorta goofy: basically, Verisonix made these for a company called Mitchell and Johnson, but then Mitchell and Johnson ceased operations due to Brexit, leaving Verisonix with an excess, so we swooped in
  • We mention all this because if your defacto (and, honestly, reasonable) reaction is to be skeptical of the quality of anything we sell because we’re the ones selling it, you should know that these are actually good
  • Model: V3R150N1X-TH3-H3D63H06
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Good Clean Fun

Can you believe we’re selling these Verisonix Electrostatic Headphones for just $49? Well, if you’re like a lot of people, your answer might be… maybe? Because you don’t know what the hell “electrostatic hybrid headphones” even are. But don’t worry! We’re here to help!

Well, actually some people on Reddit are here to help. User Obokan gives the following fairly comprehensive yet concise summary:

The fact that the drivers use static charge to vibrate a piece of electrically conductive sheet makes them extremely resolving, clear. They don’t have the problem other transducers typically have with moving their heavy and stiff masses around.

What does this mean for sound quality? Obokan covers that too:

They sound very clean, too clean in fact, that it sort of invokes an uncanney [sic] valley like response to some people. To me however, and others too, it is heaven. It is the pinnacle of audio reproduction. Like having a microphone surgically wired into your brain. Just that good.

Okay, great. Only problem: these Verisonix are not exactly electrostatic. They, instead, use something called “Hybrid Electrostatz Technology.” This allows them to get that crisp-as-hell electrostatic sound without that steep-as-hell electrostatic price tag. At least, that’s according to Headphone.Guru’s review:

As Verisonix aptly puts it, ESL’s are the “Ferrari of all speakers”. The downside is that there are barriers of entry that deters consumers from purchasing or even hearing them for a demo and are priced higher than their dynamic counterparts. Verisonix in introducing their new N501 hybrid headphone is playing both sides of the fence using this innovative dynamic and ELS hybrid design.

So, does this have a negative effect on the sound quality? Not really!

The vocals in the N501 are clear with an energetic response. Listening to “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele gave me her unclouded talent through the sheer clarity of her voice from the headphones. The N501 did great work in latching onto the raw performance and intensity present from Adele.

Sounds rad, right?

But we want to go back to that comment from Obokan, about how some find the sound from this type of headphones “too” clean. Because who hasn’t experienced something like that, where the unimpeachably higher quality offering doesn’t measure up to the comfort of a cheap old standby? Maybe it’s your cousin’s from-scratch cranberry sauce that’s not as good as the canned variety. Or the gas station cup of coffee that you enjoy more than the single origin pour-over made by your local coffee shop. Or one of those way-too-fancy TVs that makes you dizzy every time there’s a panning shot.

That’s where the price comes in. For $49, you can dip your toes into that electrostatic life. If you love it, awesome! Now you know! If it’s TOO crisp, well you’re out $49. Which isn’t great, mind you, but when comparable pairs cost what would be a significant portion of your mortgage payment, it’s not so bad.

In conclusion, you should buy these.

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