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Vanity Planet Makeup Brushes

  • 10 makeup brushes that are great for blending
  • Super soft synthetic bristles and an interesting “toothbrush” handle design
  • Vegan (so there’s no cheese or honey hidden in them, sorry)
  • Model: M4K3-0UT-F4LL-0UT-M4K3-UP
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Innovation Overload

One of the great things about selling stuff at a steep discount is that you don’t have to exaggerate the details. Take these Vanity Planet Makeup Brushes, for example. Over on their Amazon page, there’s a whole bullet point to discuss their handle:

UNIQUE HANDLE: All ten of the oval brushes sport an ergonomic “toothbrush” design that not only looks great, but optimizes your makeup routine by curving to the shape of your face, for a more precise, consistent application.

Further down the page, in an graphic highlighting this design once again, they make a point to let you know that these are vegan (cool), cruelty free (awesome), and “innovated in California.” Now, maybe this is because I’m currently typing this between ravenous bites of an enormous breaded pork tenderloin sandwich, a delicacy here in Iowa–but this feels like some coastal elitism. (Not to mention, a bit of a simplification. California is a huge state! We could be talking Silicon Valley, or LA, or San Diego… or we could be talking Bakersfield or Modesto. Does California really believe that all of California is worth bragging about? Ridiculous!)

So why so much emphasis on innovation? Because they’re selling for about 30 bucks over there. And that’s Amazon’s price, which is usually less than the MSRP.

We, on the other hand, are selling the whole set for $12. Therefore, we don’t have to pretend they’re breaking crazy new ground in the makeup brush industry. With a $12 price tag, we can just say: they’re kinda unique, and they work great!

And apparently they do, according to the Amazon reviews. Like this one from Frances Schultz:

Super easy to use, intuitive, blends amazingly well, and great buy for the price! Definitely feel like my makeup results have improved with brush use.

Or this one from CeeDee:

I have a visual impairment with one eye, these brushes allow me flexibility while applying makeup. Best design for me ever!

Or this one from Elmo69(lol):

Wife loves them, uses less make up and it blends great !

You know, the more we read of these the more we wonder: maybe the product copy wasn’t super hyperbolic. Maybe these really are amazing innovative brushes.

But then again, for our price, we don’t have to dig too deep.

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