Ultralight 2" Thick Inflatable Sleeping Pads (2-Pack Single or Double)

  • They pack down real compact and inflate real nice and easy
  • Waterproof, leak-proof, and stink-proof
  • It’s camping season!
  • You get 2 singles or 1 double
  • Is it Mac compatible: No, and we swear, if you take your friggin’ MacBook camping, so help us!
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My Pad or Yours?

Hey friend! It’s been a long week, hasn’t it? Filled with discomforts of the existential and physical varieties. Hours spent sitting in a quote-un-quote ergonomic desk chair, and perhaps hours more in a not-even-remotely ergonomic bus seat, slouched over your phone, or else in the driver’s seat of your car, barreling down a congested highway, leaning forward with every muscle in your back tensed as you attempt to discern some pattern in the illogic of rush hour traffic.

Well, there’s one thing that can cure these workweek blues: more physical discomfort! That’s right, I’m talking about a camping trip!

Imagine this: the same small fire you could enjoy in your backyard or a nearby park, mere seconds or minutes away from the modern comforts of your home. But now it’s a long, long way off. You must drive. Then you must hike. Then you must solve an exciting puzzle (try to read the directions for how to put up the tent). Then you must do some light construction (put up the tent). Then you must solve another exciting puzzle (decide whether the parts you have left over are extra or will make their absence in the structure known in terrifying ways later in the evening).

But soon enough, that fire will be blazing, and you will enjoy an amazing dinner that resembles, in many ways, a sad version of a little league post-game barbecue, all cooked (or, more accurately, undercooked) over an open flame!

But the views! My God, the views! Breathtaking! In select states. In others? Well, you know how sometimes a highway merge ramp sort of loops around, leaving a little green space wherein a few misshapen trees grow? It’ll be a lot like that.

Okay, fine. Maybe I’m not selling the experience very well. But at least there are some comforts. Like, for example, these ultralight 2" thick inflatable sleeping pads. They’re leak-proof, waterproof, and stink-proof, and they inflate easily and pack down to the size of a burrito (at least one that might earn its eater a free t-shirt).

In other words, you’ll sleep well… for three minutes before you hear a sound beyond the walls of the tent–one that might be some grass blowing in the breeze or might be a bear sneaking up to eat you whole–and spend the rest of the night in silent restless horror.

So let’s do it! Let’s go camping!

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