The Good Stuff Charcoal Air Freshener Bags (12, 18, or 24-Pack Options)

  • Your choice of 12, 18, or 24 of these bad boys
  • The charcoal absorbs the smell, a couple of hours in the sun cooks it out again
  • Various sizes to get them wherever the stink is
  • Small ones for shoes, big ones for true horror stories we won’t discuss here
  • Are they Mac compatible: Yes, especially with the FartBook Pro
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‘Midnight Mist’ Is Not a Real Thing

When it comes to battling odors, we settle for all sorts of solutions we’d never consider okay for anything else. Those sprays and scents and plugins that just mask the smell of something gross with something designed in a lab to smell like “midnight mist” or whatever? Seriously?

That’s fine for like…a fart. We can live with that. Farts are transient by nature and don’t need a long-term substantive solution. Let one rip. Wave one hand dramatically, spray some “sea breeze,” and move on with your life.

But if your house smells like cat pee on account of that box you keep in the basement where the cat pees, blasting other rooms with synthetic lilac isn’t going to do anything about the problem.

Maybe it’ll make you forget about the cat pee stench for the most part, but it’s still there and anyone else who visits is just going to wonder why everything smells like fake flowers mixed with real urine.

It’s like handling your rat infestation by dressing them up like little rabbits.

They’re still rats, the fake bunnies ain’t cute, and whatever you call those things, they’re definitely going to keep shitting behind the living room couch.

Besides—there’s no shame in a little smelliness. Basements smell funky. Closets smell funky. Shoes and gym bags and laundry rooms and crawl spaces smell funky.

But if you want to make it better, you’re going to want something that actually absorbs the odor and then takes it away instead of just masking it and masking it and masking it.

These little guys do that.

The odors are absorbed into the charcoal and then once a month you carry the whole bag outside to put in the sun for a couple of hours. Because fake lilac doesn’t kill odors, the awesome power of the sun does.

Today’s deal lets you drag that smelliness into the cleansing light of day like a nightclub bouncer hauling some jackass upstairs into the street when dawn has arrived but the ride home hasn’t.

So freshen up your smelliest corners with something that actually works. You can have 12, 18, or 24 depending on what you need.

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