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TAMO Extended Battery Cases for iPhone 6, 7 & 8

  • Choose a color. And then make sure that color is available for the model that works with your phone (there’s one for iPhone 6 and one for iPhones 7 & 8 ).
  • Or, maybe reverse that. Choose the model and then the color.
  • The point is life is full of choices.
  • They’ll protect your phone, make it charge faster, and keep it charged for longer.
  • Kind of like how a tee from Mediocritee will make you feel powerful and cool.
  • Model: Yes, but only for ski goggles. Oh, sorry. You’re asking for the product model. Our bad. No, we won’t give you that. Because there are 13 items here.
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The Simplicity Summit

On February 20th of this year, we sold TAMO extended battery cases for iPhones. There were options for iPhone 6’s, iPhone 7’s, and iPhone 8’s. It was just another simple gadget for a low price, and so we didn’t know what to expect. Maybe we’d sell 500? Maybe 1000?

No, friends: We sold 1887! Or, for our Roman customers, MDCCCLXXXVII.

That’s a lot, and what’s more, the responses were pretty positive. There were a few model issues, but those who got the correct ones said things like:

Battery works great, well worth the price. It made my phone very heavy so I am also getting a good workout.

Or simply:

Got mine, love it

It made us wonder: how do we repeat this? How do we offer a product that, like those TAMOs, combines an easy-on-the-eyes price point with just enough utility to leave customers no choice but to mash the buy button?

To answer this, we assembled a group of representatives from throughout the company to partake in the Meh Simplicity Summit. They began planning the very day after the TAMO sale, February 21st, and set today August 9th, as their deadline. This, they thought, would give them the time to really dig in. And did they ever!

They studied the metrics. They analyzed the analytics. They partook in a series of trust exercises. They organized a 40 day retreat to Cay Caulker. They returned to the states, ate a number of plants known to possess hallucinogenic properties, and wandered the Mohave, surrounded by swirling visions.

Then, yesterday at their final meeting of the Simplicity Summit (which lasted from 6am to 11pm), they checked our inventory and saw we still had some in stock.

So, in the end, they decided to repeat the TAMO sale by… repeating the TAMO sale.

This, friends, is called synergy. We think. We didn’t look that word up before using it.

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