I need to vent and I need to do it now.

Barney thought this was worth mentioning said

I can’t get into the Casemates website, so I’m going to give everyone here both barrels.

I ordered the hard cider from Casemates. Since I had a delivery problem last time and my wine was ruined, I ordered ice packs for this delivery.

At 1:29 pm I got a tracking notice that my order was shipped. Being a little curious as to when it would be delivered, I looked it up. It said that my order was on the FedEx truck and out for delivery.

WTF? What kind of shipping notice was that? I have to sign for this delivery, what if I wasn’t home? Yeah, I’m more than a little pissed.

So in about an hour’s time the FedEx truck arrives with my order, I sign for it and lug it into the house. Guess what? There were NO ice packs on my hard cider. Geez, temps close to 100 degrees won’t hurt it. Right? Yeah, right. Maybe not as bad as with my wine. But, golly gee, I paid for these to be surrounded by ice packs.

I’m steamed. I need some ice packs for myself.