Tame the Wild Beard Grooming Kit

  • Everything you need to tend your luscious face garden
  • Beard wash, brush, comb, balm, oil, and an impressive carrying case
  • Makes a great gift (for someone you want to reduce to a habitat for facial hair)
  • Is it Mac compatible? More like Mac Daddy compatible, right?
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Conversation Starter

Today’s deal is unprecedented. Because for the first time in meh history, instead of selling a mere product, we’re offering something never before seen in daily deal retail—a whole damn personality.

Some people out there walk around just having a beard. They don’t talk about it. They don’t brush it in public or sing it songs of strength and growth on the subway. Heck, they don’t even participate in the multiple Reddit forums dedicated to the discussion and appreciation of excess facial hair.

But that doesn’t have to be you.

With today’s deal, a significant portion of your day can be dedicated to fawning over and generally fussing with that rodent pelt you call a face. Not only that, but you’ll get all the soap, balm, and ointment you need to serve as beard-centric conversation starters throughout the day:

“Why yes, I do smell of citrus. Would you like to hear about how close I am to reaching a full year or uninterrupted growth?”

It’s going to be great.

Just remember, potential romantic partners may be so attracted to your newly kempt beard that they’ll want to run their fingers through it. If that happens, your job as a beard-haver of taste is to gently but firmly remind them that unless those sexy fingers are made of anti-static sandalwood like your double-sided face comb, then it’s time to back off.

With great beards comes great responsibility, after all.

Now let’s get you hooked up with a serious haul full of premium beard products to bring out the luster in your beard and the insufferableness in your personality.

You deserve it.

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