Spa Dent Naturals Light Activated Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

  • This teeth whitening kit looks a little scary
  • Your teeth, though, will look scary beautiful after you use it
  • Cheaper than going somewhere for a treatment
  • Potential marketing slogan: “The syringe is white-ier than the sword!”
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Whiten Up Your Day

When it comes to a product like this teeth-whitening system, everyone fits into one of three categories:

  1. People who already use stuff like this (in which case, this is a no-brainer purchase; after all, you’re probably not going to find it this cheap anywhere else);

  2. People who have been curious about stuff like this (in which case, this is also a no-brainer purchase; you don’t have to pay a premium price for something you might not like); and…

  3. People who aren’t interested in stuff like this at all (in which case, this is a no-brainer pass; see you tomorrow).

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There you have it. Fun, right? So go ahead: whiten up your teeth and then spend a little green over on SideDeal all weekend!

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