Hakol game consoles

PooltoyWolf went on a bit of a rant said

(Posting here, since to my knowledge, SideDeal doesn’t have its own forum.)

Many of us will already know this, but I feel the need to point these things out as borderline scam devices. They are the kind of thing you’d see being sold by a mall kiosk or a Chinese dropshipper like Wish or Temu. The descriptions are I’m sure lifted from whatever other website is selling them, but they’re littered with text describing them as containing actual ‘iconic classic games’ that will ‘bring you back to your childhood’…the reality is they’re packed with hundreds or thousands of absolutely lowest effort possible games, interspersed with dubiously legal emulations of official titles. I was surprised to see you guys offering such products for sale, especially given the purposely misleading text in the descriptions. All three consoles are direct copies of existing hardware (NES, GBA SP, and PS2 controllers), as well.

It might be a good idea to place a large, easily read disclaimer near the top of the product descriptions, explaining that they’re not what the original manufacturer claims they are.