Sharper Image Digital LED Bluetooth Body Scale

  • Super accurate readings of your weight, BMI, and body fat
  • Can support up to 8 user profiles
  • Syncs with a number of fitness apps
  • Can it make a margarita: No, but it can tell you how much damage all those margaritas are doing (weight-wise, we mean; it doesn’t measure liver health)
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Sale Of Scale

Sometimes, you go in for a doctor’s appointment and they’re like, “You mind hopping on the scale?” And they insist: don’t worry about taking your shoes off or anything, they just need a more-or-less accurate number on file for whatever reason. And that’s totally cool.

For them.

But for you? You’re not looking for a more-or-less accurate-ish weight, especially when the conditions all point heavily towards the number ending up on the more side, although not in terms of accuracy.

Of course, it would be great if these things could just roll off you, right? If you could just say, “I am who I am and my body is my body. I’ll do my best to make healthy decisions for myself, but I must also understand that some number I see when I step on the scale is only that: a number. It’s not a reflection of my self-worth. And as such, I should not pay too much attention to it.”

But, with all things health-related, the should-feel does not always match up with the does-feel.

And so, if you must buy a scale to keep track of your weight, we really insist you get one that’s not a total piece of shit. And this one? It’s not a total piece of shit!

First of all, it’s from Sharper Image, a brand you can trust! Or, actually, let’s be real, a brand you’ve heard of, at least. Which might feel like faint praise, but with common products like this, you can get a lot worse. Moreover, it gives super accurate readings, allows for up to 8 user profiles, and can automatically sync with a number of popular fitness apps. Plus, it can tell you your weight, your BMI, and your body fat.

Also, it looks really slick. Which isn’t important. But, like, it doesn’t exactly hurt the sales pitch, either.

So get one! We’re selling them for only $20! That’s a good price!

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