Shark Robot Ion RV772 WiFi Vacuum (Certified Renewed)

  • The power of a Shark, the mind of a robot
  • The Tri-Brush System and the multi-surface brushroll will handle any mess on any surface
  • Use the Shark app for scheduling or else talk to it via Alexa or Google Assistant
  • What does this have to do with The Legend of Zelda: Nothing, so if that’s what you’re into, maybe check out Mediocritee
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It vacuums so you don't have to

There’s ‘looks clean’ and there’s ‘clean.’

‘Looks clean’ is when you’ve got everything picked up and put away. The books are all on the shelves. The mail is sorted and dealt with. Your papers are in the drawers of a desk or a filing cabinet or else recycled if you don’t need them anymore. Your kids’ toys are in a trunk, out of sight. To the naked eye, the room is clean.

But then you drop something and it rolls under the couch, and not only do you find a field of dust lurking just out of view; when you stand up, the knees of your black pants are layered with cat hair and grit.

‘Clean’ is when it’s not like that. No hidden fields of dust. No nasty knees. Stuff is just, you know, clean.

So, how do you keep things clean? You vacuum. Simple enough, except not really. Because in order to stay on top of all the dust and dirt and cat hair and grit that inevitably gets all over everything, you’d have to vacuum every day. And sure, there are people out there who’d be like, ‘Wait, why’s that a problem?’ But for most of us, the idea of spending even a half-hour a night vacuuming isn’t just unappealing; it’s untenable. After all, there are more enriching things to do with one’s life.

Which is why you leave the task of daily vac-throughs to the robots. Like this Shark.

You can program it and set a schedule. You can control it via Alexa or Google Assistant. So it’s convenient. Also, it’s a Shark. So it’s strong. We’re talking powerful suction, a Tri-Brush System, and a multi-surface brushroll. In other words, it’ll handle any mess you throw at it efficiently.

Sure, you’ll still need to get down on your hands and knees and scrub now and then, but at least with this thing, those more intense cleaning sessions will be few and far between.

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