Que Bluetooth Over-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones

  • Bluetooth over-ear headphones with a retro-futuristic aesthetic (like every other pair of headphones on the market)
  • Works with an aux cable so you can use it to watch movies on airplanes, unlike most Bluetooth headphones
  • Lithium ion battery claims to keep them running for 30 hours of continuous use – longer than any flight
  • They claim to be noise-canceling and they’ll certainly do some of that, but don’t get them for that reason
  • “Sound pretty good!” Says someone here who tried them
  • Model: E228184 (We keep offering audio equipment from Que, not because they make quality speakers at a low price, but because we’re smitten with their model numbers. So sleek. So elegant. So enticing.)
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The Law Of Developing Returns

You could save a lot of money by choosing these Que Bluetooth headphones over these similar-looking ones on Amazon. These headphones might not be quite as nice as the others, but at 1/3 of the price they’re probably worth it. We’d like to call this tradeoff the “Law Of Developing Returns.”

You’re probably more familiar with the idea of “diminishing returns,” which can be described (by the internet) thusly:

used to refer to a point at which the level of profits or benefits gained is less than the amount of money or energy invested.

For example: A $4 cup of coffee may be better than a $1 cup, but it’s probably not 4 times better. The “return” you receive on your “investment" (your $$$) “diminishes" as the price increases. These diminishing returns can be found everywhere, from coffee to wine to reading the entire Meh product writeup instead of just the first paragraph.

So the “Law Of Developing Returns” is basically just the inverse of this. You can save 70% of your money by buying these Que headphones instead of similar competitors, but the product will not be 70% worse. Notice we’re not saying “they’re just as good.” They’re probably not. But they’re close enough in quality that they provide a greater value.

The author of this excellent Reddit post in /r/personalfinance titled "Stop Spending Money on Food! – BUY A CROCKPOT” understood the Law Of Developing returns:

The point was you can eat decent food in a short amount of time and save money by planning one day ahead.

He’s not saying Crockpot food is better than what you might get at a restaurant, but that the additional amount it costs to eat at a restaurant does not match this increase in quality. He’s explaining why Crockpot cookery returns better value than restaurants by employing the Law Of Developing Returns, whether he knows it or not.

(Yes, we’re suggesting that these Ques are the headphone equivalent of crock pot chili. Satisfying, dependable, and (most importantly) cheap as hell.)

We like the idea of the “Law Of Developing Returns” not just because we often capitalize on it here at Meh.com or because “Developing” has a nicer ring to it than “Diminishing.” We like it more because it focuses on the benefit one can reap by choosing an option that’s not top-of-the line.

It makes us feel smart for doing the thing we do. And that’s what really matters.

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