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Power-To-Go Lens Kit 5-Piece + Telescope Lens

  • Lenses included: a 180 degree fisheye lens, a macro lens with aide angle (0.67x), a super wide lens (0.4x), a telephoto lens (2x), and a telescope-telephoto lens (12x).
  • Will clip onto any phone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Secondary use: keep your Doritos fresh.
    Model: SPA50 because what is a lens but a spa for your camera? Wait… what?
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Lens You A Hand

Do you remember a time when the digital camera seemed like another required gadget? We don’t mean a DSLR, or a good action cam, or anything like that. We’re talking a little Fujifilm or Nikon that you could stash in your backpack or your purse to chronicle your daily adventures and/or vacation.

But now, we have cell phones, many of which feature higher megapixel counts than the standalone cameras of yesteryear. The only problem? The lens. You just don’t get the same zoom.

Unless you buy this Power-to-Go 6-Piece Universal lens Kit Bundle!

Using patented precision engineered technology to adhere to your device… okay, sorry, we couldn’t make it through that with a straight face. Friends, they’re basically a few chip-clips with lenses that you clamp onto any smart phone, tablet, or laptop. You get: a 180 degree fisheye lens, a macro lens with aide angle (0.67x), a super wide lens (0.4x), a telephoto lens (2x), and a telescope-telephoto lens (12x).

But the question is, obviously, how well do they really work? Like, are they so simple they’re brilliant? Or are they just simple?

To answer this, we took them out into the field for testing. Here, check out this photo we took using the macro lens of Mount Si, or, as you might know it, the mountain looming over the diner in Twin Peaks:

Whoops! We must’ve mislabeled our pictures because that’s not a mountain. It’s one of the designs we’re selling over at Mediocritee this week. Again, That’s Mediocritee, our shirt site.

Anyway, we’ll just move along. Here’s another photo, this one showing the icons of masked metal, Slipknot, playing a sold out show at the Iowa State Fair in the city they call home, Des Moines. We used the fisheye so you can see not only the members of the band, but also the legions of Maggots head-banging along in the stands:

Shit. Another misnamed picture. This time, it’s the other design for sale this week on Mediocritee, our t-shirt site, which, if you missed it, is called Mediocritee.

Well, that was a bit embarrassing, mixing up all those photos with those images from Mediocritee shirts for sale right now on Mediocritee. Guess you’ll just have to get these lenses and try them out for yourselves.

And also, maybe buy some shirts. At Mediocritee.

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