Echo Auto - Adding Alexa to Your Car

heartny thought this was worth mentioning said

So I got an email today from Amazon letting me know that my request for an invitation to purchase Echo Auto has been granted. Woo hoo! Feeling special, I ordered one at half the retail list for $24.99 because I’m a sucker for gadgets. Checking the specs after I placed my order, it looks like it will use the Alexa app on my phone via Bluetooth. Since I don’t have an unlimited data plan, I wouldn’t want to waste my precious minutes on Alexa in the car. Seems like you could do most of the Alexa stuff without this device if your car has Bluetooth, but maybe not so on demand. Do any of you Mehtizens have one of these things and if so do you like it? Surprised they are selling on eBay for list price and up, not that I looked or anything.