48-Pack: CBG Energy & CBN Sleep Single Serving Shots

  • Your choice of single-serving supplement shots for energy or sleep so you can wind up or wind down
  • Get whichever one you need (Or 24 of each!)
  • The “Party On!” Energy shot has 15mg CBG, lots of B-Vitamins and a proprietary energy blend containing 200mg of caffeine
  • The “Dream” Sleep shot has 8mg CBN along with some Melatonin & 5-HTP
  • Can they make margaritas: let’s just enjoy our margs without energy/sleep shots, okay?
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Party on, Enoch. (And Dream Big.)

“Mortimer! Our beloved mother has succumbed to the various illnesses common to our present year, which as you know is 1851.”

“Oh Enoch, my dear half-brother. I am as aware of that sad fact as you are that both of us have lost our respective fathers to the perils of the northern fur trade.”

“Orphans! And though we are kin, our respective personalities are as different as can be, Mortimer. I with my indefatigable levels of boundless energy and you, ever calm in the face of any frustration or irritant.”

“Yes, Enoch. The only things we share are this small family inheritance suitable for the funding of a modest business venture and our mutual penchant for delivering weirdly detailed exposition in private conversations for the benefit of no one in particular.”

[Heads turn slowly toward camera]

And so was born the M+E Personal Supplement Corporation, which dealt in various powders, potions, and elixirs for a hundred years or so before their two signature products were rebranded, erasing the legacy of their odd couple co-founders in favor of a traditional bottle design reflecting the gothic expression of the modern American truck stop aesthetic.

The days were over of selling these door to door from a large leather case—Enoch visiting the apothecaries in the morning, Mortimer hitting the night spots late in the day. The two carved out a living to be sure, but all would pale in comparison to what could be accomplished by leaving a box of these on a gas station checkout counter between the Zippo lighters and the surprisingly pricy impulse jerky.

Of course, you can only move so much product one over-tired or under-tired traveler at a time. The real potential is moving these suckers in cases of 48, taking the M+E Personal Supplement Corporation to levels never previously imagined.

(Full disclosure: We didn’t have a whole lot of information about this company so we had to make some educated guesses about how they might have come to be making grab-and-go shots that come in both an upper and a downer variety. We’re probably pretty close, though.)

Regardless, we can give you 48 of the energy shots or 48 of the sleep shots. We can also give you two dozen of each like you’re an aging rock start trying to get through the day with just the right mix of marijuana and cocaine.

And speaking of a balanced diet, these are each a proprietary blend of supplements. But let’s be real, the only ingredients you probably need to think about are the caffeine in the energy shots and the melatonin in the sleep shots. Everything else is nice, but secondary, like the coffee bean garnish floating in your espresso martini.

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