Pick 2: Cabeau Evolution Cool Vented Memory Foam Neck Support Pillows w/ Storage

  • 2 neck pillows that won’t make you sweaty
  • Great for dealing with serious neck pain
  • Adjustable to achieve the support you want
  • Each includes a handy storage bag
  • Also great for staying comfy on a long trip
  • Model: *5T1CK-UR-N3CK-0UT
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Promises Kept

One thing we love here at Meh is grandiose, overblown product copy. It provides us with the perfect jumping-off point, an easy thing to make fun of, before transitioning into a more subdued, realistic sales pitch made possible by our commitment to offering stuff at a stupidly low price.

So when we went over to the Amazon page for these Cabeau Neck Support Pillows and saw that they claimed to be designed “for pro gamers,” offering “cooling technology,” we were thrilled. And that was before we even hit this bit of back-patting:

Unlike other neck pillows for travel or gaming, our dual-density memory foam pillow provides comfort whether your head leans forward or to the side, featuring a custom-adjustable magnetic clasp to maintain stability.

Like, seriously. Relax, people. They’re just friggin’ neck pillows! Right?

But then we scrolled down to the reviews (where this thing earns an impressive 4.3 out of 5 based on 678 global ratings), and we realized… maybe Cabeau’s not just blowing hot air here.

Check out this one from user Janice Giacinti:

FINALLY! After trying no less than 5 different travel pillows, this one wins the prize. I am a small woman & this pillow adjusts all the way down for a perfect fit. And the variation in height of the side surfaces enable your head to stay upright. However the most important feature for me is how cool it is - the vents keep you from over heating and that was a big issue for me with other pillows. Love this pillow & would highly recommend.

Or this one from Sheila, that shows just how serious the support it provides really is:

I fractured my neck when I was 19, I’m now 57 and have horrible pain issues. I seen this neck pillow at REI and wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend the money for a neck pillow. My husband found it here on Amazon and bought it for me, I am sooooo happy he did! It’s so comfortable and provides me with the stabilization I require for my neck and head. It’s soft but nothing like those bead pillows that just eventually go flat. My favorite feature is that it cools. Every cervical neck pillow I’ve ever had causes horrible sweating. I can’t thank Cabeau enough for creating this work of art!

Uh, so these pillows solved DECADES of pain?! That’s pretty friggin’ incredible!

Now, we didn’t find any reviews from pro gamers confirming that the design is perfect for Fortnite tournaments or anything, but we did see a bunch of people who travel a lot singing Cabeau’s praises. And the company itself even confirmed that the pillows would work with those Bose Quiet Comfort headphones we sold recently (for most people, at least).

Which is all to say, we can’t do our usual eye-rolling today, and that’s too bad. Because these pillows are actually good.

But alas, we feel confident that there will be opportunities for cynicism in the future. Like, probably tomorrow, honestly.

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