Perricone MD No Makeup 3-Piece Set (Instant Blur, Foundation Serum, Lipstick)

  • You get some nice Instant Blur Primer
  • You get some foundation serum (SPF 20)
  • You get some lipstick in a color of your choice (SPF 15)
  • So it’s No Makeup that is makeup?
  • Look, we didn’t name it, okay?
  • Model: 1-C4NT-83L13V3-1T5-N0T-M4K3UP
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Winter's Coming

Winter’s almost here. What does that have to do with this Perricone MD No Makeup 3-Piece Set?


Let me explain. You see, I’m you, but from the future. Okay, not really. What I mean is, I’ve been working from home for a while now. And so some of our new normal has been my consistent normal. And let me tell you: working from home in the winter can devolve into sloth-dom real fast.

That process? Of getting up? Starting your car? Bundling up? Driving through the gray-white winterscape? Sitting at your desk desk in the way-too-hot office? Putting on headphones and trying to tune out those two or three people in your workplace who are a little too obsessed with each winter storm watch?

You don’t know how much that stuff is keeping you sane and human.

Me in the winter? I’m searching through the laundry looking for my pajamas before I realize, horrified, that I’m still wearing them. I’m smelling bacon and thinking, who’s cooking bacon? before realizing, it’s me, I’m cooking bacon, or I was cooking bacon on, like, Tuesday, and it’s Friday now, and I haven’t changed my shirt or taken a shower. I’m laying down to sleep at night and feeling something in my eye and realizing it’s this morning’s sleep crust. I’m taking naps at dusk (like, 4pm) and waking up in the dark and not knowing if it’s 5:30 or 2am. I’m basically living my entire life at about 60% consciousness.

Unless, of course, I force myself to put on some fresh jeans, to take a shower, to shave, etc. Even if I’m not leaving the house, it’s good to do, because it reminds me that I am a person who lives in a society of other people, wherever they may be.

And so, in trying to convince you to get this Perricone MD No Makeup 3-Piece Set, I’m not going to talk about how important is to look good on Zoom, or how maybe you want to look nice for a socially distanced walk among the trees as the leaves change color. Because, sure, it might be great for that, but it’s also good for making you feel like you’re a put-together human being.

And trust me: that will become increasingly important as we near the post-solstice phase of our new reality.

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