Monster Retro Qi Charging 30W Bluetooth Speaker

  • Does the thing where it plays music, from Bluetooth, FM Radio, or AUX-IN, with 30-Watts of Audio Power
  • Does the thing where it charges your phone, from the built-in QI charger, or USB
  • Does the thing where it looks cool, with a retro look and some bad-ass customizable Ambient Trim Light
  • Does the thing where it tells you what time it is, and set alarms for weekdays, or weekends, or every day
  • Does the thing where it you can even control it with an app
  • Model: M0N5T3R5-0F-R0CK
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Monster Music

If you think about it, you’re really getting three great products in one here.

First, it’s a Bluetooth speaker and a pretty solid one at that. Are we talking Bose or Libratone quality? Probably not. But we’re also not talking about the cheap-ass aluminum-sounding crap you see all over the place these days. (And by ‘all over the place,’ we mean… uh… here on our site.)

Second, it charges your Qi-enabled phone. That’s nice because there’s nothing worse than starting to bump some dope jams only to get that low battery warning.

Third, it looks cool. Okay, fine. This is an observation, not an entirely unique function. The cookware-lid-as-piece of the Bluetooth speaker world, if you will. But, hey, if you’re going to put something out where everyone can see it, it might as well be attractive.

Now, since this is a speaker made by Monster, it should probably go without saying that it’s optimized for listening to monster music. We’re talking songs from such bands and performers as:

  • Vham! (pire)
  • Crash Test Mummies
  • Frankenstein Ocean
  • Ghoul-den Earring
  • B.l.o.B
  • Otis Undeadding
  • Imp Bizkit
  • Cthulou Reed
  • Skele-Ten Thousand Maniacs
  • LeAnn Slimes

Wow! Some of our worst puns yet! But this Bluetooth speaker? It’s totally solid. So get one, play some music, charge your phone, and enjoy its retro good looks!

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