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Libratone ONE Click 360° 50-Watt Bluetooth Speaker

  • A little speaker that sounds like a big speaker
  • Like, seriously, the sound is actually really really solid
  • 12 (!) hours of playtime
  • It’s splash-proof so you can listen to NPR by the pool without a care in the world
  • Preset 5 of your favorite playlists, or internet radio stations in advance to play them anytime
  • About the size of a book (8.5" x 4.8")
  • Pair two together, for R+L = JS (Joyous Stereo)
  • Model: L18R4T0N3-1T-D0WN
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Make It Dane

What do you call people who are Danish and also excellent at what they do?

This isn’t the beginning of a joke. It’s an actual question. You can’t call them “great Danes,” because those are dogs. And so if we were to say “these Libratone products we’ve been hawking recently are audio done right by a team of Great Danes,” that might lead you to believe that a group of pony-sized canines designed them all.

Which, now that we think about it, would be more even more impressive than just some super competent Danish audio engineers. So maybe we should go with it?

Look, the point is, if you’re wondering why we’ve become a Libratone clearing house in the past few weeks, it’s simple: their stuff is good and usually it’s not cheap. So, when we offer it for way less money than anywhere else, we seem like friggin’ heroes.

And this Libratone ONE Click 360° 50-Watt Internet Bluetooth Speaker, our latest heroically marked-down offering from land of breakfast pastries, might be the best product yet.

You don’t have to just take our word for it either. The reviews are clear.

What Hi-Fi? notes its generous battery life, splashproof design, and clear, expansive sound, giving it 4/5 stars.

Tom’s Guide does point out that it’s a little bit heavy, but ultimately finds it impressive, giving it 4/5 stars as well, concluding:

In the $200 Bluetooth speaker range, you wonꞌt find another speaker that offers the excellent sound quality, along with good battery life and water resistance, of the Libratone One Click. It has a balanced and rich sound, with good treble, midrange and bass tones ─ competitors usually lack in at least one of those areas.

PC Mag comes to a slightly different conclusion than Tom’s Guide. Pointing to some issues–it’s “mono only” they say (we’re not sure exactly what this means given that, according to the specs we read, you can pair two of them to play in stereo) and there’s some bass distortion at high volumes–they ultimately think the price is a little too high:

The One Click feels like a bit of a conundrum—-it sounds great for a speaker of this size, but not necessarily for a speaker of this price. So it exceeds our expectation for a small portable wireless speaker, but at $200 or less, there is plenty of excellent competition to consider[.]

Again, there’s that number: 200. Even this slightly negative review is only really negative because they’re factoring in a hefty price tag. Our price, meanwhile, is just $79. So you have to imagine that, confronted with such a significantly lower number, PC Mag would boost their 3.5/5 ranking up to a solid 4 to match the rest.

See? It’s a great speaker for a great price! And, as we’ve established, it’s made by a bunch of truly great Danes.

Your move, Irish Wolfhounds.

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