Letsfit Smart Watch + True Wireless Earbuds Bundle

  • The watch tracks what you do: your steps, your heart rate, your exercise, etc.
  • Receive notifications for calls, texts, or from apps likes WhatsApp and Insta with a full 128 characters worth of glorious space
  • The earbuds are true wireless earbuds, meaning no connector between the buds
  • Both are unisex and look pretty stylish, in our opinion
  • Model: TR4CK-T0-TH3-FUTUR3
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If you don’t have a smart watch or a pair of true wireless earbuds by this point, you probably don’t want them. And that’s really cool of you. Seriously, you’re such an iconoclast, going against the herd like that. We find it very admirable. Which is why we’re not going to try and convince you to hit the buy button on this deal.

In fact, we’re going to do the opposite. We’re going to tell you don’t buy this stuff.

Why? Because once you start, there’s no going back. When you don’t do something, you’re the person who doesn’t need that thing. When you do something and then give it up, you become the person who couldn’t handle it. Never joined Twitter? That’s cool! You’re above it! Joined Twitter and then quit? Sounds like you just couldn’t deal with the free exchange of ideas. Never watched Game of Thrones? Good for you! You’re your own person! Stopped watching Game of Thrones after a season and a half? You might have some issues with following through on things.

Likewise, if you don’t buy into all the hype around a piece of technology–such as the smart watch, or wireless earbuds–you’re like some sort of monk, living a life of peace and quiet, free of screens and modern audio. But if you were to buy these and then not use them, that makes you seem like you’re easily overwhelmed.

Which isn’t unreasonable, honestly. You get a lot of information from one of these fitness tracker watches. How far did you run? How many steps did you take? What’s your resting heart rate? How many calories have you burned? It’s easy to get addicted to beating your step count from the day before or monitoring your sleep, just like it’s easy to get addicted to the comfort and freedom of movement afforded by a pair of earbuds without even a cord connecting the two sides.

So yeah, don’t buy this, you absolute rebel! Stay cool by staying skeptical of totally harmless technology that’ll make your life better and easier!

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