Kathy Ireland 6-Piece Temperature Regulating Sheet Sets

  • What is this sheet?
  • It’s sheets, that what it is
  • The sheets regulate the temperature and wick moisture so you don’t get too sweaty
  • Model: 1325, and you just gotta respect the simplicity
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Sweating Through Winter

It’s starting to get cold outside, which means it’s starting to get a lot warmer at night. You know what we’re talking about. We all complain about the cold winters but really it’s like the coziest time of the year to sleep.

First off, you get out the big comforter. Hell, why not two comforters? Or a comforter and a quilt? It’s not against the law. You’re an adult. You can do whatever you want.

Not to mention the pajama pants. Oh, hell yeah, the pajama pants! We’re talking big, thick flannel pants. And heck, you can wear a chunky old sweatshirt too. And some wool socks. Because why not. If you get all bundled up, you can turn the heat down, right? (You won’t.) Save a little money? (You won’t.)

And then there are the animals of the house. After long, hot summer months spent scouting out the darkest, coldest places to sleep, suddenly your cats and your dogs are extremely affectionate. You can’t keep them out of your lap, and you can’t keep them off your bed at night. And while they might just be trying to siphon off a little bit of your body heat, the joke’s on them, because they’re warming you up too!

So, while it might be twenty degrees outside, you’re all bundled up inside, in your PJ pants, your sweat shirt, and your wool socks, under a couple comforters, flanked by dogs and cats.

Which is all to say, you might’ve crossed a line somewhere back there between comfortably-warm and sweaty-hot.

And so if you’re wondering why anyone would want a set of temperature regulating sheets at the very outset of the cold season, it’s for situations like this, when you want to fall asleep feeling warm and happy and not wake up drenched in sweat.

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